FLL Winter Breeze - white english labrador


This sweet girl is the perfect blend of her parents Breezy and Polar. She  is curious and goofy like Breezy, but the sweetest and best snuggler  like her daddy Polar; and she is very pretty. Winter is a people pleaser  that enjoys spending time with others and is on the quieter side. In a  few minutes, Larissa had worked with her clicker-training and had taught  her to "sit-pretty". Her balance isn't perfect though and she can't do  it for very long, but it's adorable and Winter loves knowing she did  something that you wanted.

Among her qualities, she also produces white English Labrador puppies with fantastic temperaments like her.

OFA Hips - Prelim Fair

OFA Elbows - Prelim Normal

Congenital Cardiac (Heart) - Normal