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English Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving Temperament

English Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving Temperament

English Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving TemperamentEnglish Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving Temperament


We make certain to save all of our testimonials as they are wonderful memories for us and a fantastic example of the type of English Labs we raise here at Family Loved Labs. 

We are in the process of updating our website and will continue updating this page with past and current testimonials.

Family Loved Labs Testimonials

What beautiful testimonies from two families who LOVE their "Family  Loved Labs". We love seeing how our puppies bless the families that they  go to. Thanks to Colette for doing such a wonderful job with the video  and interviews, we love it! To see more of her work, click here:

What People Think About Family Loved Labs

Here is a beautiful compilation of videos from our customers, showing us  just how much they LOVE "Family Loved Labs." Thankful for everyone who sent in these awesome videos, and also to  Colette for the wonderful job she did putting it all together.  To see more of Colette's work, click here:


More pics of Winnie. She continues to grow and be such an awesome little girl.

Winnie is an Ari x Knight Pup



Update on Rambo! Loves getting dirty and drinking while laying down! 

Elsa x Liberty



Hi Rosie 

Just wanted to send updated photos on our Luci 12/9/17 (thor x Java). She makes us so happy & we laugh everyday. Not to mention how gorgeous she is. We get stopped every day.  Wouldn’t be surprised to see more  “family loved labs” in Southern California

Thank you for such a great dog




Just wanted to provide an update. This is Huck on our boat. He loves the water and is such an outstanding family member.

Huck is a Gypsy x Knight Pup



Hi Rosie and family,

Wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Obiwan Kenobi (Obi) is adjusting well and we adore him! He is starting to learn his commands (sit and come) and is doing well with potty training. He is the perfect addition to our family. It took Yoda a few days to get used to having a little one around but I think Obi has finally worked his charms with him too. ☺️

Thank you so much for the great dogs. Our family would not be complete without them.

Sara, Jason, Sloane and Jase

Obi - Noble x Java
Yoda - Booker x Dyna



Hi Rosie,
Just wanted to give an update on my fur baby. Cabella turned three in February and is from a Hero + Autumn litter. I do not even know where to start on how amazing of a dog she is. She is incredibly smart, spunky, loyal, and SO affectionate/loving. When I take her to the dog park or doggie day care, I am told she spent more time around the humans, than the other dogs. My family and friends will back me up when I say that she is a human in a dog’s body Thank you for the most amazing dog and my best friend.

This was a picture of her yesterday after the dog park and a bath. She also loves going exploring in our woods.



Hi Rosie!

I wanted to send some photos of our new boy, Mo. We are SO in love! Three days in and Mo has made himself right at home. He is so sweet, loving, and smart! He already knows how to sit for us, LOVES to eat, LOVES people, and we’re working on bell training to go potty outside! We have some stairs in the house and watching him hop upstairs is the cutest thing. Last but not least, his coloring is beautiful, he is a handsome little guy! Here are some pictures over the last couple of days!

Love, the Hamel’s

Mo is a Java x Noble pup



Hi Rosie,

Linc has been a wonderful puppy. He’s full of love, affection, and joy. He loves attention and makes everyone feel special. He goes with us everywhere including boat rides watching the Blue Angels perform over the river. He’s smart, with a confident disposition. He is growing quickly, clocking in at 20lbs at his appointment Thursday. The staff commented that he is the calmest puppy they’ve seen.

We are so happy to have him as member of our family.


Linc is a Gypsy x Knight Pup



Yesterday we finally welcomed Winnie to her new home. We are so happy to have her and love that she had a traveling companion and a lifelong friend, Remington, along for the trip. She’s happy, enjoying her new surroundings and napping every chance she gets.

(Winnie is an Ari x Knight Puppy)



Our sweet Murphy (Mocha & Knight) is making himself right at home here in Iowa. He loves to snuggle and is super smart. He’s already trained to ring the bell when he needs to go outside. We are in love with him. Thank you, Rosie! 



We have enjoyed our CJ we got from you so much we're thinking about getting another male. We like his easy going manner and how quickly he learns commands. I've got to say, he's been a wonderful addition to our family and is as smart as can be.

CJ (Lilly x Storm Pup)



Hi Rosie,

Hope all is well. Our puppy (Rocket) is doing great. He became best friends with our almost 6 year old lab (Jet). It’s exactly how it was when Jet was a puppy. So smart and the willingness to please makes for easy training and bonding. Thanks again.

Rocket (Kenya x Dickens Pup), Jet (Carbon x Rocket Pup) 




Here is Sasha at 6, and she is love of my life.  Everyday somebody wants to take her picture or film her or stop to pat and talk to her in Los Angeles

She is very very smart, and easily could have been top of the class service dog or rescue dog.  She is as good looking as God can make a Labrador!!

Please send me pictures of any female puppies you might have like Sasha when you can

Johnny and Sasha 



Hi Rosie,
Cody got his new Open title CDX this morning wit 1st, 3rd and 2nd places. Moving on to Utility and Rally Masters.
I’m sending you 4 pictures taken this morning (not very good with my old camera) before I got to hang his new ribbons. Not bad for a young dog.

Regards, Maris

(Cody is an Autumn x Noble Pup)


Hi Rosie and Randy,

 I hope your family is all doing well! My family is enjoying all the fun and love (our) Rosie brings every day! The last 18 months has gone by so fast. I can't express enough all the wonderful things we love about her! She is well-tempered, intelligent, a wonderful family companion, a superb hunter and completely gorgeous! I can't say enough about her! Thank you for allowing us to bring one of your amazing puppies to join our family. We are truly grateful! 

Kate and Family



Hi Rosie,
I just wanted to update you on Hendricks (Java/Noble 5/19/16) I had researched quite a bit before I chose you as a breeder and couldn’t be more pleased. I got Hendricks with the intentions of fulfilling my dreams as a Therapy Dog/handler team. Well we did it. We have passed all our certifications and testing processes and we started at the hospital this weekend with orientation and patient visits. I am beyond excited to be sharing this experience with my best furry friend;) She has been so responsive to all the training and loves to go to work.. as long as there is an occasional belly rub and maybe a treat somewhere along the way! Keep up the great work. Your dogs are beautiful and easy to train, ready to work and eager to please! Thank you for being a responsible breeder and caring so much about what you do! I love every minute I get to spend with her. Who are we kidding... she is therapeutic for me too