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English Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving Temperament

English Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving Temperament

English Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving TemperamentEnglish Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving TemperamentEnglish Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving Temperament


Next week our captain will be 1 years old. He is  such a wonderful pup. Isabella and captain are best friends always together !! We just want to thank you for such a amazing dog

Captain (Kira x Louie pup) 


Hi Rosie,

Hope everything is well.

Dakota (we kept his name as is because it just seemed to suit him perfectly) is 15 weeks now and is doing great! 

He is so well behaved, mild mannered puppy.  On top of that, he is the cutest, most handsome boy I have seen.

We couldn't have asked for a better puppy and we thank you all.



Hi Rosie,

Hope everything is well with you.
I have adopted Dakota from Polar x Diamond litter, born on 08/03/14.
He is already almost 8 months old and is doing fabulous.

Just to show you how well Dakota is doing, I am attaching a photo of Dakota and a fake Dakota make out of snow.... We had so much fun!
Doesn't he look so much like Polar?  He is one handsome pup!


Seamus, a beautiful puppy from Family Loved Labs, joined the Pawsitive Perspectives Assistance Dogs (PawPADs) program in the winter of 2012/13.  PawPADs trains assistance dogs to be placed with people with disabilities and uses the process of training the dogs as a therapeutic and educational experience for inmates, youth at-risk, children with disabilities and veterans.  Our dogs must be healthy and have solid, even temperaments and “little” Seamus absolutely fits the bill on all counts!  

Seamus is extremely easy-going and doesn’t let any experiences rattle him.  He’s also very, very intelligent and, at only 7 months old, already knows over 50 of the service dog tasks and commands!  Just yesterday his inmate trainer showed off how he could send Seamus to get the “phone” (actually the remote control) – Seamus went down a long hallway, out of sight, to the correct cell, tugged open the door, got the “phone” and brought it all the way back!  He did it all with the quiet confidence of a well-adjusted dog!

The first weeks of a puppies life will define and shape who they are and how they handle the world – the entire Christensen family joins in to make sure that their puppies have a lot of exposure to children and other animals and different experiences.

Seamus is going to change someone’s life dramatically and we are incredibly GRATEFUL for the generosity of Rosie, Randy and their family.  

PawPADs would, without hesitation, add more Family Loved Labs to the program and look forward to that possibility in the future!  



Hi Rosie and Family
I had to send you a few pictures of our wonder and very loved dog, Rudy. He is the best behaved and well mannered puppy we have ever had. He sleep in a kennel without any complaints, falls asleep the minute he gets in the car, has not chewed up anything valuable. He is such a good boy, we just love him!!! Kendrie and him are good buddies. He is always following her around.
Jennifer Ewing and family

     Rudy (Summer x Polar Puppy) 



I wanted to let you know that OSHIE-(Chloe and Polar) has been with us for a week and is already a part of the family.  Cooper-his 2 year old older Brother (Pearl and Polar), love each other and our best pals already.  We are so glad we got another white lab; but even happier that we got another one from Family Loved Labs.  Once again, there were no issues with the shipping to Cape Cod, MA and our Vet said that he was gorgeous and could not believe how smart he was.  At 9 weeks old he can sit, wait for his food and knows his name.  We are a hockey family and bring OSHIE and Cooper to the rink every practice and they melt all the parents hearts when they see them together.  Once again, I cant thank you enough.  The kids are thrilled and I think we have the best labs on Cape Cod.





Here are a few pictures of little Cayenne.  She is not so little any more.  Troy was here for Thanksgiving and we enjoyed having Cayenne around.  She is a beautiful dog inside and out.  Her temperament is gentle and sweet. She means very thing to are family.  Troy had to put down his male lab the day before Thanksgiving.  He was 15 years old. He lived a long great life.  Cayenne has top ranking now and the joy of her master.

Thanks for giving us the honor of having Cayenne in our lives. Gold bless you and your family this holiday season.


Little Cayenne (Cayenne x Rocket pup)