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English Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving Temperament

English Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving Temperament

English Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving TemperamentEnglish Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving TemperamentEnglish Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving Temperament


Hello Christensen family. We wanted to let you know that bear is doing great and growing quickly.  She has been a welcome addition to our family thank you so much for all your help in picking out the right puppy for our family.

 Have a great 4th!

- The Thomas family

Bear (Elsa x Liberty Pup) 


Hi there!

I just wanted to send a quick update on Yuki Gucci! We LOVE him. He is such a laid back, easy going pup who loves everybody! And he's the biggest lover, u can see from these pics! He loves to lay on our feet when we are in the kitchen or bathroom getting ready, it's the sweetest. Anyway thanks again for the wonderful doggies you raise, now my sister may be interested;) 

Tara Bob and Yukon

Yukon (Chloe x Polar Pup) 


Hi Randy, Rosie, Larissa, and Trevor~

After seeing the updated Facebook photos of your handsome boys in the sun, thought I’d send you an update on little miss Finnegan.  She’s the Noble x Latte girl we picked up this Jan.

Finney is now 15 weeks old and an absolute delight!  She started puppy kindergarten already and is sailing through class with ease!  

Such a smart girl…doesn’t take her long to pick up exactly what you are asking, especially when there are treats involved;) Her temperament continues to be exactly what we

had always hoped for:)  Not to mention, she is STUNNING!  We get SO many complements from everyone who meets her, including her vet, our trainer friends, and even strangers!

Here is an updated shot at 15 weeks.  I think she’s starting to look like her mama.  Hope you enjoy the update and they make you smile!  Thank you so 

much for breeding such HIGH quality, outstanding labradors! We are so lucky to have her and can’t wait to see her develop!

Thank again! 

Parc, Linette, & big brother Jack



We bought a lab from you a year ago. His litter name was Cody, he goes by Cotton now. I just wanted to give you a update. Cotton is a part of our family in every sense of the word. He has the sweetest spirit and wants to right beside us 24/7. He is definitely a lover not a fighter...his corgi roommate bosses him around but he's more than good natured about it. He is happiest playing with the kids and keeps us laughing with his mannerisms and slightly goofy, still-a-puppy demeanor. He is HUGE and looks so much like his Dad. We can't thank you enough for raising such great pups! Cotton has quickly become my best friend and an adored part of our lives.
All the best,
Liz & EB 



Hey Rosie and family,

Samantha's feeling right at home with our chocolate late, bear. She's such a wonderful pup. Such a great personality and loves to play. Hope all is well!


Samantha (Baylee x Dickens Pup)



DUKE - Lil' Dove and Dickens English Lab Puppy  - Hi Rosie. We couldn't be happier with our boy that is 15 weeks old. He instantly became a member of our family and our 2 little girls best friend. He thinks he is another child as he chooses to jump in the car seat when he gets in the car! Although he won't be able to fit in it much longer. We are thankful for our big beautiful manly dog which is exactly what we wanted! He's definitely a family loved lab!



Thank you for breeding such amazing dogs! We are absolutely in love with Captain! Thor and him are inseparable and so cute together. We couldn't be happier with the two of them! They are both the perfect additions to our family. Thank you for everything!

The Lindberg family

Thor (Foxy x Hero boy) Captain (Mona x Hero boy) 


I spoke with the fireman who got us out using the jaws of life and I was told he was licking me before I was life flighted

I got Fletcher, my very handsome black lab, from Family Loved Labs. He's my first very own dog. I got him when I was living in Virginia in August '12. I saw a picture of Fletcher's parents when I was online searching through breeders and read about Family Loved Labs and became very interested! When I investigated more each time about breeding, I became more and more interested in Family Loved Labs.

But Family Loved Labs is in Minnesota, you say! I had plentyyyyyy of questions for Randy and Rosie since I had not met them in person, seen their home, nor met my pup yet! I was also very worried about flying him to me in the heat of summer, but I made sure the airline had air condition and it made me comforted to know he would not be drugged for the flight. Rosie and Randy were very patient with me and great at answering all of my many questions re: his flight, health, personality, temperament, etc. They would also send me videos and pictures of him, even certain ones upon my request!

I fell in love with Fletcher immediately when he cuddled up to me after I took him out of the crate he flew in. We played in a park for a bit, I gave him water, and of course, his new toys. I could tell right away he had a great temperament! Playful, yet calm.

From the first week I had him, we went on a lot of hikes together. He was my teammate from day 1! We have grown to be closer teammates than I ever imagined possible.

Two and a half years ago, we were driving back to VA after spending Christmas in Ohio. On the way back, we were in a very severe car accident. I suffered multiple injuries and was told later on by my parents that I was only given a 2% chance of living upon arrival to their ER (after being life flighted).

Miraculously, Fletcher had NO injuries from the accident!!! Thank God for that!!! Everyday, I literally thank God for not only my life, but his too.He has been my saving grace through my recovery. I call him my angel because of that.

In the past couple years, I had to learn how to walk all over again after getting out of a wheelchair and going to a walk, two canes down to one, then finally nothing! When I was able to finally walk without any aides, I had Fletcher trained to walk on leash with me for very short distances. He seemed to be sensitive of my needs. If I tripped, he would look up to me, as if he was making sure I was okay. On these rare walks, I would continue using the training I learned on how to walk him and just in the past 6 months or so have trained him to walk off leash! He's so smart!!! Now, I'm able to walk him more frequently and am privileged to do so!

In fact, since I'm not able to give him vigorous exercise, I pay his trainer to take him running 2 times a week. Last week, he even took him for free to run a 5K!! He said Fletcher is his favorite, which comes as no surprise to me, but does make me even more proud of him!

He's not only incredibly well trained and has a great overall temperament, but he's also the sweetest and gentlest dog I've ever met. He's very cuddly! He thinks he's the size of a little chihuahua or any other lap dog. He's great with my nieces, ranging from ages 2-9 and they love him dearly! He's sweet with everyone, including other dogs. With all dogs, he is very submissive. No mean bone in his body!

I cannot say enough good things about Fletcher or Family Loved Labs!!! They gave me the best dog I've ever known. I can't stand to think of the day that I won't have my angel by my side anymore, but when that day comes, I hope Randy and Rosie are still breeding these beautiful babies because I'm a customer for life!  - Sarah



Hi Rosie,

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our family member Gunnar (formally Max and born 11/11/2013 Noble and Mattie).  It’s been 2 years now and Gunnar has been amazing.  We’ve never had a dog that was so easy to train and a pleasure to raise from just 8 weeks. He’s the most intelligent and loving dog we’ve ever had!  We’re sending a picture of Gunnar along with our wishes that your family has a wonderful holiday season and blessed New Year!   

Jeff & Bobbie



Where to begin…

As you can see by this picture, Ace is strong, healthy and well-fed.  He drinks gallons of water each day and if the water bowl doesn’t suffice he’s not opposed to bracing himself, with both paws IN the toilet, for an additional drink.   UGH!  Of course, we strongly frown on this behavior but he takes advantage of people not closing doors, putting down lids or simply leaving him to his down devices for a few quick moments.  (Big smile.)  He’s ALL puppy, but simply a delight to come home to at the end of the day for all of us.  He quickly outgrew the initial kennel, and then the next, and now he simply sleeps at the foot of Sawyer’s bed which suits him just fine. 

He quickly figured out the Invisible Fence, too, which allows him to have full run of about 3 acres around our farm during the day.   He stays close to our other dog, Cooper, and spends a fair amount of time trying to engage him in any activity…mostly tackling, licking or barking at him.   He’s growing like a weed and seems to be a perfect fit into this family.   He rides on four wheelers, in cars and truck, and if there is any action - he wants to be in the middle.

Thanks again for breeding such a beautiful young dog.   We look forward to many more years with Ace in our family. 

Happy Thanksgiving from ours to yours.


Ann, Matt, Sawyer, Gunner and Ace 

Ace is a Winter x Dickens puppy



Hi Rosie!

 We've had Dakota home for 24 hours now, and whatever you did to prepare her for coming home with us worked like a charm. She has been so very good for us!  As you can see from the photo below, she has settled in well already. (I don't think she could be more relaxed!)

Dakota is doing well - she is quickly learning to sit and come, and she's done wonderfully on a couple of short walks we've taken around the neighborhood in the past few days.  Everyone is absolutely crazy about her.  I've attached my latest favorite photo, with a lab statue we've received when we got our first lab, Hershey (the statute is wearing Hershey's puppy collar).  So cute!

Happy Thanksgiving to your whole family!


Dakota (Java x Noble Pup)



My husband and I bought a dog from you 2 years ago. He is from Polar and Disney. Best dog we have ever owned! Great temperament, smart, loves to play fetch, loves to just to lay around gets along with anybody and any dog (big or small), and overall just wonderful! He has passed all his puppy classes and AKC CGC Test with no problems. We are very pleased and tell everyone about your website! Thanks again! 



Good morning - 

I had to share this photo - We were in Chicago visiting our family and my brother snapped this photo. 

Lola Faut (2013)  is on the left - Ceili Worley (born Jan 2014) is on the right - both have Polar as their father. 

We love these dogs so very much. It’s fun to see these related labs play and have fun - especially swimming in the pool together. 

Such sweet girls!

Thanks and have a good day - 



Randy and Rosie, 

Thank you so much for the amazing addition to our family. Thor is very well tempered, but still working on the house training. He will be starting puppy classes soon! We absolutely love him and the kids cant get enough of him!

Thank you again. 

Lindberg family

Thor (Foxy x Hero pup) 



1_ Jax after romping around in his pool today. 

2_ Jax taking over the couch. Poor Lucky now has to lay on the floor. But Lucky doesn't mind he loves Jax.

    Jax (Mona x Hero Pup) 


Hi Rosie-

 By the way (Ben) is now 1.5 years old, and the best dog ever! Many others besides me, comment on how beautiful of a lab he is, especially his blocky head. Ben has many characteristics of Polar, and everyone is always mentioning to me, or stopping us on our walks to say how beautiful the dog is and that they've never seen such a blocky head. I always mention your name and website, and that his head is the true characteristic of an English Lab. Thanks again for such an impressive dog!
Attached are a few photos of Ben from late this summer/fall if you're interested in seeing. Enjoy!

Ben (Summer x Polar pup)


Good morning!

I just thought I'd send a quick update on Louie (Cosmo from Chloe/Polar's July 2014 litter) since it was his birthday yesterday!

Louie is the most adorable, curious, loving little guy! He finally got a chance to swim in the lake at our cabin up north and true to his lab instincts it is impossible to get him out! He goes to daycare 2 days a week and he has made so many new friends..he even had a birthday party there on Thursday. 

 He is definitely a mama's boy and follows me around like my shadow unless we're at the lake and then he is all about dad (he throws the ball farther). When he isn't swimming or chasing he is most likely sleeping!

Louie is so smart too! He knows all the basic commands and he mastered the hardest one of all..sitting and waiting while we put either his food or a treat in-front of him until we say ok.

I have to admit we were a little nervous about bringing this little puppy home 10 months ago. I grew up with dogs but always had my parents to help so having something completely dependent on us and us only is a terrifying thought! There were definitely some challenges but the happy moments FAR outweigh the tough ones. Bringing that little fluff ball home and watching him grow and learn over the past 10 months has been so fun and rewarding!



Hi.  Here are some pictures of Wrigley (Polar x Diamond pup 8/3/14).  He is an awesome dog!  The kids love playing and cuddling with him.  Couldn't ask for a better dog!

Scott & Sara


Hello Rosie - - our yellow lab pup that we call Bogey that you sent our way onFebruary 13th is now nearly 6 months old. I just wanted to tell you he's doing great and is such a totally cool and smart dog. My wife Alicia and I are SO happy with him and we're grateful to you and your family for breeding such wonderful dogs. Bogey loves it here and has become dialed-in to living in the foothills above Boise. Norma Vermillion and I are often in touch about our dogs and as she puts it, we're both hard-core Lab-a-holics!

Having Bogey is our lives is such a joy and has filled such a hole. I'm nearly 61 years old and it has rejuvenated my spirits so much and I know it has for Alicia as well. This is, I suppose, just a long-winded way of saying a heart-felt thank you. I've attached a picture of our boy posing on a ridge just above our house. He's a great pup!

I hope all is well for you and your family - many thanks!!!!

Best Regards,


Bogey (Kira x Polar pup)