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English Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving Temperament

English Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving Temperament

English Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving TemperamentEnglish Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving TemperamentEnglish Lab Puppies - Brains, Beauty, and a Loving Temperament


Hi Rosie and family! We wanted to send you some pictures of Betty White and say thank you again! She is so sweet and so much fun!

I've also included a picture with Betty and Bear. My husbands family got Bear from you about 9 years ago, he was one of Booker puppies! 

Jessi & Lee

(Betty White is a Kenya x Dickens Pup)



Hey Rosie! We just wanted to share with you how zuka is coming along. We can't believe how lucky we are everyday to have such a good dog! He just had his first quail hunt yesterday and blew us away. Listening, retrieving, and even flushing birds out for us!!
He is the love of our lives. So well behaved all the time. Everyone loves him and complements how good looking he is. Thank you for making this perfect pup!!
Phoenix and Joseph

Zuka is an Ari x Knight Pup


  Hi Rosie,

Our puppy is now approaching 6 months old and I want to share how things are going.

First, she is a beautiful puppy!  Her confirmation is sound, her fur is soft, and she has the traditional English lab markings on the tips of her ears, tail, hocks & elbows.  Her eyes are bright and clear, her teeth have all come in and they are great.  Her mouth is soft.  She loves to retrieve, really wants to chase water fowl (lol) and is cuddly, sweet and gregarious.... a perfect family companion.  She has meshed in to our lifestyle really well.  She and our cat are pals, she has learned that we are not early morning risers, so she ‘chills’ until we are ready to start our day, and she is really good with other dogs.  

Even more so, she has been an absolute joy in our home.  She is so intelligent!  She learns very quickly, she listens really well and she is so obedient!  I have never had a dog that has been so intelligent and sweet, and really responsive to training.  These characteristics are definitely inherited from her lineage; I have had other pure bred labs and they were not as docile and responsive to training as our Family Loved Lab.  She knows “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “fetch”, “ok”, and she is leash trained.  Potty training was a breeze with her.  We initially crate trained her, but we prefer a dog bed instead of a crate, and she is great on that.  

Initially I was very reluctant to buy a puppy I had never seen before, from a breeder I didn’t personally know or visit.  However, when I saw the blood line I knew the stock was good.  When I spoke to you I immediately had confidence you were the “real deal”.  From start to finish the communication was great, and the follow up and follow through was 100% perfect.  Its very apparent to me the hard work, care and training you put in to your breeding dogs results in the quality puppy we received.

We couldn’t be happier with our sweet girl, and with the experience we have had with you. I have recommended you to many people in my area - we hope to see more Family Loved Labs in Palm Beach Co. FL!!!!

Warm regards,


Piper (Lacey x Storm Pup)


Check out Rikki on The Ontario Experience TV.  She is a tv star.

She is amazing!!  We love her so much.


Rikki (Winter x Dickens Pup)

You can see Rikki and Ty hunting for grouse in the below episode for The Ontario Experience TV, starting at 2.26


My first time to my mom and dad’s cabin in Arnold, California. I love the reminds me of home! 


Luna Gurule

Lilly and Storm’s Lil’ Martha



Dear FamilyLoved Labs:

Three years ago today, one of your yellow labs, then named Kenny and from a litter by Keira and Polar, arrived in our lives. This occurred with some reluctance and uncertainty on my part, having just put down 2 of our beloved labs within the prior year and a half. Our life was oddly empty without those pups, and I was unsure that another pup could ever fill the void. With encouragement of friends Jim and Norma Vermillion who had recently gotten one of your chocolates, somewhat ambivalently I called Rosie and after a brief conversation (where I embarrassed myself by choking up during the call) very impulsively said yes - - and the next day Kenny (now Bogey) arrived.

Bogey has been and continues to be the dog of my dreams. Having had dogs all my life (now aged 63), he has so surpassed any thoughts I've ever entertained of being "the perfect family pup". My wife Alicia, our grown son Chris, and all the other family members and friends who've been with Bogey all agree he is an extraordinary pup. Smart, intuitive, strong, gentle, fun, situationally aware and appropriate behaviorally, beautiful, vigilant, constant companion, etc.

​Words can't adequately convey the depth of our gratitude to you folks, for having bred such an incredible dog. As a family, we are so smitten with Bogey for he has brought so much joy and love into our lives. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience such a totally wonderful pup. FamilyLovedLabs is such a PERFECT name - thank you!
Here are 2 images of Bogey: Day 1 of his arrival here 3 years ago today and this morning.

Warm Regards,
David & Alicia



Rosie & FLL gang,

Just thought you’d like to see some pictures of our handsome Ruger. Just past 4 months old and we ABSOLUTELY are in love with this little guy. He has such a calm temper, loves to cuddle and please us. We have trained him to sit, lay down, stay, heel, fetch, drop, paw, and we are working on roll over! We can’t thank you guys enough !

Here’s some photos!

Ruger (Annie x Knight Pup)



Rambo with a face full of snow! (Liberty & Elsa) Dog is perfect in every way!



Thanks for such a fantastic Lab!!!!

I know u must always hear this, but his temperament is off the chart sweet and playful both people and dogs! And people always comment he has a puppy face and when I ask what they mean, they are always referring to the wrinkles he kept on his face and forehead. I also love the big blocky head! Thanks again! Joe

Hank (Noble x Autumn Pup)



Thought you'd like to see how Abby is doing! She's such a sweet and smart girl! Everyone that has seen her just LOVES her she's definitely amazing!


Abby (Annie x Knight Pup)


Rosie -

Happy New Year!  We wanted to let you know what a great dog Quincy is turning out to be.  She is almost 10 months old and just under 60 pounds.  Quincy is super calm, extremely snugly, and quite smart.  Her training is going very well and she is enjoying life with the typical Labrador energetic and fun attitude.

Quincy passed the AKC Star Puppy test with flying colors this summer as a 6 month old puppy.  Quincy is currently being trained further in basic obedience with a small group of big dogs all around her age (2 golden retrievers, a rottweiler, a doberman, and an German short-hair pointer mix) and they are all best buddies. Next week she will also begin tricks class.  When she is a year old we will have her train for the Canine Good Citizen and Community Dog tests and then therapy dog classes for hospitals, nursing homes, airports, etc.  First and foremost though she is a pampered pet :)

We have attached some pictures of Quincy so you can see what a beautiful dog she is growing up to be.  We have had numerous people comment on her great looks and a few ask where she is from.  Of course, we don't hesitate to tell them and let them know you are an awesome breeder!

One of the pictures is a close-up of her lower back which has a really distinctive and interesting zigzag fur pattern that gets lots of comments when people first meet her. Quincy's coat is very thick and this is probably not a surprise but she loves the snow and the cold weather does not bother her in the least.  In fact, she was not real fond of summer weather and spent a lot of time in her dog pool when she was outside in the hot weather.  She also loves her two days a week at day camp and they think she is just a great dog.

We hope all is well with you and your family and that you have a great 2018!

Nancy and Stephanie

Quincy (Ari x Noble Pup)


Hi Rosie -

I just wanted to let you know Gus (formally Buddy) is doing fantastic. He is just the best and has acclimated to his new home so well. Luke loves having a younger brother! Our vet is officially in love with him as well :) 

Thank you!

Caitlyn and Brad

Gus (Bella x Noble Pup) 



Hi Rosie! Just sending an update, we ended up naming our boy Trigger. He is adjusting well to his new home and loves running around with the girls! He really is just the sweetest boy! We love him so much!

- The Dusbabek's

Trigger (Whisper x Dickens Pup) 


Hey Rosie,

These are our girls and we couldn't be happier. For 9 years we owned a dog resort in Hugo and a few customers came in with beautiful labs we couldn't resist. After asking we were told about Family Loved Labs in Sandstone and kept it in the back of our minds for when we were ready to add a pup to our family. A month after losing our GSP we just couldn't wait any longer. Our hearts were broken and we needed another pup to love. We contacted Rosie which lead to us getting our black lab girl named Fish. We had always wanted litter mates but never made the leap to do it at the time because we had an old man at home. After having Fish for a week she was so well behaved and beautiful that we decided to get her litter mate, Loon. That's our chocolate beauty. We have had them for a few weeks now and we couldn't be happier. They love each other greatly and are two peas in a pod. The girls are so different but so wonderful in their own ways. We love them so much and would definitely recommend Family Loved Labs to anyone looking for a beautiful well behaved lab. These girls are everything we have ever wanted and we can't thank Rosie and Randy enough for these beauties. Thank you so much, we are in love.
Nick and Jen

(Fish and Loon - Ari x Noble Pups)



Hi Rosie,

Just wanted to give you a update status on Java and Thor Pup:  Jake, aka Bo.  He is so great and we love him and so smart too.  He is weighing 31lbs now and growing like a weed.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to have him in our family.  I will keep you posted from time to time on his progress. 

PS:   He loves the water.

Thank you again,



Rosie and Randy,

Captain will be 3 in May and time has went by so fast. He is such a amazing part of this family.  I would really like to add to the family and I keep an eye on up coming pups. Maybe in the future it will work out. Captains favorite things are his 6 year old human sister and to swim. Thanks for this blessing to our family.
Amy and fam



Hi Rosie!

Rover (Merlot x Hero) is doing great! He is now 13 weeks old and has adjusted very well to his new home. He was very easy to potty train and follows commands well already! He loves cuddling with us and playing with his toys. We couldn't be happier! Thank you guys so much!




My name is Michael from Bigfork Montana. I've been wanting to get a Lab dog but just can't decide where and know any good breeder. I've been searching all over and have no luck. It took me a while to find a trustworthy breeder that's knows what they are doing and also of what I'm looking for. Everytime I find a lab dog I show it to my family and friends. One of the breeder I found, my daughter found 4 bad reviews online. So we all thought it's not a good idea. Until we found Familylovedlabs, they caught our attention by their knowledge of their dogs and of what we are looking for. They are very nice to deal with in the phone and helpful of anything that we need to know. They have a few puppies when we first corresponds with them and one of them is "Lady" caught our eye. So we started asking more information and pictures of Lady and it was so nice of them to offer us a very recent video of Lady. That's all it took, we fell in love with her. Five days later we picked her up in the airport in Kalispell Montana. She is perfect and it's just what we are looking for for. We highly recommend this breeder. We can tell they are a good breeder through Lady. Shes a healthy, smart and happy dog. We are so happy with our dog and if any one wants to speak with us feel free to contact us.

 Lady's new family
Michael from Bigfork Montana

Picture below: Lady's 1st Bday

Lady (Lilly x Storm Pup)


Well Gertie (Leila) is doing great!  She has adjusted very well and we couldn't be happier with her.  Her and Wrigley get along great and play like best friends...and are often napping together.  She is learning quickly on commands and potty training and slept for 7 hours last night!  Thank you so much...we adore her!
Mark, Sara, Ella & Joe

Gertie (Latte x Thor Pup)