Star is one amazing girl. She has the sweetest, kindest, gentlest temperament that you can't help but love the moment you meet her. She cuddles right up to you, always wagging her sweet tail, and absolutely adores people. She also is very pretty, has a thick, beautiful black coat, gorgeous head, and great conformation. 

Star has a crazy strong will to please, and is always excited for the next thing she gets to learn. She is very laid back, and her favorite thing is to snuggle and spend time with her people. 

Her next favorite thing, is retrieving. This sweet, quiet spirited girl turns into a retrieving machine the moment a toy is present. She is the ultimate versatile girl, and is really a joy to have. We are just a little excited for her puppies. 

Hips - Good

Elbows P - Normal

Congenital Cardiac (Heart) - Normal