Polar is some dog! He’s a very well built white English Labrador with nice bone, muscle,  and a beautiful head. He has a gorgeous polar white coat; if he didn’t  have such a dark nose and beautiful brown eyes it would be pretty hard  to find him in the snow. He loves people and knows how to fetch, but  would rather spend time with the family; milking all the attention he  can get. This boy loves going out on walks, and has the most awesome  temperament you could ask for in a Lab. He is so calm, does wonderful  with the kids, and makes beautiful white english lab puppies. Polar has had basic obedience training at 4-H, and also has his CGC Title.

OFA HIps - Good

OFA Elbows - Normal

Eyes CERF - Passed

EIC - Clear

CNM - Clear

PRA - Clear

Congenital Cardiac (Heart) - Normal

Polar's Legacy - white english lab puppies

We are so proud of the stud that Polar has been for us. He has  consistently produced puppies that have fantastic temperaments, are easy to train, and BEAUTIFUL.


Polar is now retired from breeding, but his high quality traits continue to be passed down through his kids: Storm, Winter, Elsa, Charm, Chardonnay, and Little Dove.

Contact us for more information on upcoming litters from his kids. or 320-245-0235